23 March, 2011



Water - 85gm  Butter - 50gm  Self-raising flour - 60gm  Egg - 2  白芝麻- 2 tbsp  Sugar- 50gm

1. Melt the butter with low heat, add in water, flour & 白芝麻, put aside;

2. Later, add in egg knead to form a soft dough.

3. Pour batter into a piping bag fitted with a 1cm nozzle, pipe the batter on a baking tray.

4. Bake in preheated oven at 170C at 20 minutes.

                                                       Happy Baking

22 March, 2011

Orange Chiffon Cake


Egg yolk - 6   , Salt - 1/4 tsp  , Corn oil - 80gm  , Orange juice - 60ml ,  Self-raising flour - 100gm ,  橙皮屑 - 1

Egg white - 6 , sugar - 70gm

Baked at 170C , 30 mins

                                                        Happy  Baking

21 March, 2011

Fish Head Mee Hoon


Fish Head -100gm  Tomato - 1  Young ginger -2 slices  evaporated milk- 50ml, salt - to tast  preserved mustard -1gm

1. Fry fish head until golden brown. Put all ingredients into a boiler except evaporated milk. 

2. Add in salt and lastly add in evaporated milk. 

3. Serve hot!

18 March, 2011

Coffee Chiffon Cake

Coffee Chiffon Cake


Self-raising flour - 100gm

Fresh milk - 65gm

Corn oil - 40gm

Egg yolk - 100gm(6)

Egg white - 240gm(6)

Sugar - 90gm 

Nescafe 3in1 - 10gm
Hot water - 10gm

                                                        Happy   Baking

17 March, 2011

Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee

                                                     so "Q" kolo mee


Plain flour - 200gm

Akaline water - 2 tsp

Egg - 1

Salt - 1/4 tsp

Cold water - 50gm


1. Sift flour into food processor and add in alkaline water, egg & cold water, as the dough is in pea size crumble.

2. Let the dough rest at least 30 mins.

3. Kneed dough on a lightly floured surface dusted with plain flour.

4. Roll out and flatten and flatten dough into rectangular shape, dust each piece with topica flour lightly to prevent sticking.

5. Prepare the noodle machine and insert dough and turn the rollers slowly, keep rolling the dough through the noodle machine until u get the required thickness.(stop at 4).

6. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the dough.

7. Toss the noodles lightly in topical flour to prevent them from sticking together. 


10 March, 2011





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